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Did you ever listen to a foreign song without knowing what the singer was saying? Maybe you are a fan of Despacito or Gangnam Style, the songs that overwhelmed YouTube. Everybody was crazy about these songs, with the majority of fans not knowing the meaning of the lyrics. It was the beat that did wonders.

Suppose you are a professional singer or somebody who wants to be a professional singer. In that case, I am sure you know the importance of beats in a song. Beats are the most significant part of a song, along with lyrics.

There are three ways to have a beat for your music. You can produce one, hire a beat-producing agency, or buy one online. By far, the online option is the best bet.

There are numerous online websites with thousands of beats available to be chosen. You can try a free beat or purchase one with exclusive rights.

What are Free Beats?

Most singers use free beats at the start of their music career. You can recognize a free beat because it contains a producer tag that repeats after every 30 seconds. These are free samples of beats, and you can’t use them for commercial purposes.

What Can You Do With a Free Beat?

You can’t do much with a free beat. It is just a sample for an artist to listen to before buying the exclusive rights. YouTube and SoundCloud won’t allow uploading a song containing free beats. You are not entitled to use a free beat, and the producer of the beat has all the rights.

How Can You Buy a Beat Online?

There are numerous authentic online beat production platforms from where you can buy a beat. It’s nothing like buying a song on iTunes or Amazon Music; instead, buying a beat online comes with several rights, including the right to use it for commercial purposes. You receive a document upon purchase that is called a license agreement between the producer and the artist.

Risk of Purchasing a Non-exclusive License?

When you purchase a beat online, there are two types of licenses: exclusive and non-exclusive. The non-exclusive license, although it allows you to use the beat however you please, it can be sold to other artists as well. It means a non-exclusive licensed beat can be sold thousands of times. While an exclusively licensed beat cannot be sold again, only one person has its exclusive rights.

Benefits of Buying Beats Online

Buying a beat online has numerous benefits, and it is becoming an absolute necessity for the music industry nowadays.


You don’t need to search for a good production company or look for a perfect beat that suits your demands. Instead, you need a good internet connection and an active credit card, and you are good to go. There are thousands of options available on a single website, and you can check samples to select the best one for your song. After selecting the right one, you need to check out, and it’s done. The beat is yours, and feel free to use it however you want.

No Boundaries

The Internet has freed us from the restrictions of boundaries. You can work with a beat producer from the other corner of the world without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. Buying beats online allows us to explore different producers around the globe without physically running around the production houses. This is a deal-breaker benefit.


Time is the most precious thing when it comes to making music. Producing your beat or hiring a production agency is a lengthy process. You have to physically visit the beat production company or several companies to find the right one. Then the process of documentation takes days or sometimes weeks. After the contract is placed, now comes the actual recording of the beat and necessary adjustments until finalization. Then the post-production, editing, and mixing take a considerable amount of time. This all can be avoided by purchasing beats online that can be instantly downloaded.

Freedom of Choice

Online beats give you freedom of choice. You can browse thousands of beats online and check the samples before buying the perfect one. On the other hand, a beat production company has limited choices.

You can sing your lyrics with the online beats to check the compatibility and find the perfect groove. And if it doesn’t catch your attention, you can always move to the next beat or the following website, for that matter.

Saves Money

It goes without saying that buying an online beat can save you a lot of money. Money is the most valuable thing for a new artist, and more than once, you will find yourself on the shorter side. Selling beats online is a very competitive industry. The rates are very reasonable, and now and then, you can stumble upon a deal or special discount to save more money.

Exclusive Rights

Buying a beat online gives you exclusive rights for its use. It means you can use it for commercial purposes or otherwise. You become the sole owner of the beat without hidden terms and conditions.

High-Quality Sound Selection

Purchasing online beats gives you the liberty to choose from high-quality sounds. Many talented artists with exceptional beats can turn your lyrics into a hit song. You have to explore the web and find the right beat. There are also several varieties of beats from which you find the suitable piece for you.

Higher Chances of Success

Self-produced beats can never match the beats produced by professionals. Online beats have a better chance of success due to sampling and are better able to be mixed. Mix and match give you a high-quality song to top the chart.

Final Thoughts

After all the discussion, it has been established that there are numerous benefits of buying online beats. If you are a struggling artist with a low budget, it is the only way to go. You will have thousands of beats at your disposal to choose the right beat to give us a new hit.

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